Asked Questions

What is Community Schools Initiative seeking to accomplish?

This petition amends NRS Chapter 386 to give incorporated cities the ability to opt out of a county school district, and to create a new “community-based” school district. To form a new Community School District, a city’s governing body can either pass a resolution or ordinance subject to a referendum of the voters, or place the question directly on the general election ballot for voter consideration.

Why change the statute?

To this we say, why not? It is clear that our county based system is not working for our larger communities. The large districts are broken beyond repair. They have been given more money and more legislation time and time again and still nothing changes. Now is the time to make real change and save our schools. We have to do it for our kids and our teachers. Lets make history!

How does our petition work?

We must collect over 140,000 signatures divided evenly between each of the four congressional districts by November. Then the initiative is sent to the Legislature in 2023 for consideration.

Can I sign the petition online?

No. Electronic signatures would not be considered valid under Nevada law. A signature has to be witnessed in person and then notarized.

How will funding work for my child?

The money follows the child per State law just like it is does now. Per pupil funding remains the same regardless of students address.

Will kids be allowed to participate in sports if they are in a new city school district?

Yes! A community school district can participate in sports and purchase goods and services with the County School District.

I am a teacher, will my retirement be affected?

No. Your retirement will not be affected by this change. That is run at the state level.

Will I be able to be more involved in decisions at my kids schools?

Absolutely! You will have a school district more attuned to and responsive to your needs. Because every community has different needs and concerns. Education is a community-wide endeavor, needing community-wide solutions. You will be able to effect change at the local level.

Will smaller precincts create minority, poor and segregated school?

We already have these types of school. This will create more equity. Smaller districts can better address the needs of children in these communities.

If a city decides to leave their county school district, when can this take effect?

It depends on what happens with our initiative. If the legislature approves it 2023, it is the new law and cities can begin the process of exiting the county school district if they wish. If they deny it, then it would be placed on the 2024 Ballot for the Nevada voters to make the decision.

Who will decide who becomes the superintendent of a new district? And who would the trustees be?

Once we change the statute to allow community schools districts to be formed, those conversations will need to happen at the local level. Communities will decide the make-up of their boards and leadership.

How can I help or get involved?

Please use the contact page on our website to sign up to be part of our grass roots movement. The best way to help is by sharing our website on social media, come to a signature signing event and bring friends with you, or donate money. Get everyone you know involved. And if you can, please donate here.

Will this affect current school bonds?


Did You Know?

1. Did you know that Nevada ranks 48th in the nation for education?


2. Did you know the average ACT score for Nevada children in 2020 was 17.9?

(ACT.ORG 2020)

39% Passing English

28% Passing Reading

21% Passing Math

21% Passing Science

3. Did you know our system of County school districts was created back in the 1950s when there was approximately 100,000 people in the Las Vegas valley?

Today Las Vegas has a population of over 2 million people.

4. Did you know, that our School Board Trustee to student ratio is one of the worst in the nation?

Clark County School District

310,000 students (2021)

1 trustee for every 44,285 students
How can one person represent the different needs of approximately 44,000 students accurately? Clearly they cannot.

Chicago Public Schools

396,683 students (2015)

1 trustee per 72 students

New York Department of Education

1.1 mil students (2012)

1 trustee for every 3,125 students