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About the Initiative

Why This Matters

Nevada school districts are currently dictated by county boundaries, not the community or population demand. This has resulted in disproportionately large school districts and our students, parents, families, and teachers have had to pay the price. By returning schools to the community through a statutory initiative, municipalities and cities get their power back and can form their own “Community School District” that is adjusted to the size of the community.

How You Can Help

By making a donation and signing our petition, we can improve the quality of Nevada schools without affecting school funding or raising taxes. A community-run school can still participate in sports and purchase goods and services while providing the most quality education and utmost care to every student.



Dan Stewart is a fourth-generation Nevadan and a dedicated public servant. As Chairman of this initiative, he’s doing everything in his power to put Nevada families first and ensure that our students and teachers are no longer neglected. He was appointed to the Henderson City Council in January 2017 and has successfully represented us on several commissions and committees within the community. Now, his top priority is passing this initiative and improving the quality of our schools.


Annalise Castor

Annalise Castor is a fourth generation Las Vegan with deep ties to the community. She began advocating for policies by knocking doors at 9-years-old. Her advocacy continued through high school and into college, where she worked for different political campaigns and legislators on Capitol Hill. She now spends her time as a mother of five and leads an non-profit called www.Free2Express.org, which focuses on teaching high-school students how to find common ground and disagree appropriately.


Bob Sweetin

Bob Sweetin is a local attorney who has been involved in education issues for the last several legislative sessions. He has actively litigated cases against CCSD which seek equity for all students, with a focus on those with special needs. A native of Southern Nevada, Bob is a product of the Clark County School District, having attended Harley Harmon Elementary School, Fong Elementary School, Brinley Middle School, Lied Middle School, and a proud graduate of Cimarron-Memorial High School, Go Spartans!


Mary Beth Scow

Mary Beth moved to Southern Nevada with her husband, Steven, in 1977 with three small children. As her children grew and six more came along, she became very involved in their schools. Eventually she was elected to the Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of Trustees, where she served three terms and received the CCSD Excellence in Education Hall of Fame award. She was later elected to two terms on the Clark County Commission. She also served as Chair of the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Southern Nevada Board of Health.

Mary Beth has volunteered in many community organizations, including the Silver State Schools Credit Union Board of Directors, Mater Academy Board of Directors, Public Education Foundation Board of Directors, Boy Scouts of America Board of Directors, and the UNLV Department of Education Advisory Board.

Education has been a high priority for the Scow family. All nine children went K-12 through CCSD Schools and graduated with honors. The couple at last count has 38 grandchildren, ten who have graduated from CCSD with honors, and 17 currently in CCSD schools.


Jennifer Chavez

Jennifer is an accounting and finance executive who firmly believes in exceptional work ethic, strives for excellence, and provides strategic leadership. Jennifer and family moved to Nevada over sixteen years ago and has since developed deep roots in Las Vegas.

Jennifer has ample knowledge in different industries such as information technology, manufacturing, data center services, sales, banking, construction, retail & more. She has over 25 years of experience and has proven expertise in auditing, financial accounting, internal and external reporting, project management, system implementation, conversions, as well as team development, and process implementation/improvement.

She is an active member of several boards and associations, such as member of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America), board member of AHA (American Heart Association), President of FEI (Financial Executives International), Member of LIP (Latinas in Power). She has been featured in Hispanic Executive Magazine, as well as an honorable mention in Colocation of America blog, featuring an article in 2016 for the Top 5 women in the Data Center Industry.

As an immigrant, and single mother of three teenagers, and a full time executive, life gets busy, yet seeing firsthand the need for a change in our education and school district, prompted her to get involved and help drive a much-needed revamp in our education system.

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